Lost In Translation (Piece A)

Below are the 2 pieces that I will be overlapping for my final project, one in hindi and one in english.

Piece A.1
London’s a confusing place,

The people the buildings the roads
I dont know names of most of the streets

I can barely remember the bus route back home
But I’m so attached

Somehow i’ve found home in this city that I cant find anything in


When I moved I was certain that I wont ever call this place home but I realised that it isnt a location that builds a home but how you feel in it

What makes a home is much more than just the exterior

Its when the sirens become background noise

Its when u can come back to bed and the pillow feels familliar
Its when you feel at peace indoors

London makes me feel at home


Piece A.2
Mumbai khwaabo ka sheher hai

Woh ek aisa sheher hai jahan aap khote khote kuch paa sakte ho

Ek aisa sheher jaahan kuch rukta nahi hai par kabhi khabar samay rukh jaata hai

Jahan Raat ke do baje gaadiya ki bati sitaaro se zyaada chamakti hai

Jahan imaartein aap ke kahayalon se ucchi hai

Jahan leherein ki dhoon sabko duba sakti hai

Iss sheher mein maine sab kuch paaya hai or thoda bohot khoya hai

Yeh sheher mera ghar hai

Or mein jahan bhi jaooungi yeh ghar rahega


Iss shaher ke har raste mein kuch kahaniya hai

Yahan ke har dhoop mein kuch parchaaiyan hai

Mumbai woh sheher hai jo sota nahi par khwaabo se bhara hai