Lost In Translation (Piece B)

This piece is part B of my outcome where its a mix of English and Hindi. 

I find myself lost in a lot of ways
Lost while thinking
Lost while feeling
Lost while walking around London
But mainly, lost while writing
Mere liye hindi mein likhna mushkil hi nahi namoonkin hai

Especially without the bollywood references coming in because for me the languages woh hi hai jo samachaar mein dikhay deti hai woh hi hai jo aapko dil mein sunay deti hai woh hi hai jo you know, you can speak, for me both my languages have felt like polar personalities because in english i can think and i can write and i can make sense and i can be practical and i can talk for hours but hindi, hindi is the language for love its the language for respect its the language for feelings, hindi prem ki bhasha hai, hindi parivaar ki bhasha hai, hindi mein im not me im hum hindi mein you’re not you you’re aap hindi is home par this home is based with imported cement and built off english interiors so I feel unfamiliar even when im indoors

So here is a personal request to the world I need a bhavishya, where both these languages dont feel foreign to me

A future where I can feel like I own these 2
A future where I do not have to bow down to oppressors by speaking the language i am more fluent in
A future where I do not have to feel distant from my culture by not speaking the language I was born into

Ek din jahan mein dono bhasha ko apna saku

A future where I can speak without being lost in translation.