Poster idea for Final Project | Possible Future

The poster for the Possible Futures project has to be one that represents your past present and future self in the most personal way possible.

Since my theme under this project looks at my identity as an Indianliving abroad I thought its only apt that I go back to my roots for this.

In Indian Mythology one consistent theme amongst gods or “shaitaans” (villains) is considered to be the idea of having multiple facades and a lot of faces that either represent multiple things or show that they are more than human and have multiple characteristics and therefore I thought it would be only accurate for me to try and channel this.

For my poster idea I want to create 3 faces that represent my past present and future self and overlay them in a manner that projects movement.
The movement represents how I constantly go back and forth on my personality.
Over the years I have also struggled to embrace my identity and went through mutliple phases to figure out my style and what mekes it and I would like to embrace this process as we


Past: All black and a flannel and smiley with dark eyeliner (trying to be very western)
Present: Top and jeans and classy eyeliner and indian earrings (process of embracing my identity)
Future: hopefully more confident and embracing my natural self further.