Analysis of Maria Qamar’s work

(instagram: @hatecopy)

Personal Response: her work immediately relates to me since its based around brown culture and uses hindi slang/words and indian get ups while still being westernised which sums up the dilemma I face, constantly, where I’m torn between being desi but also speaking the colonised language and being “westernised” so to say.

Object: The primary identities of her work include pop art comic like elements such as the minimal faces with large expressions and the comic bubbles. But secondary elements include indian jewellery and bindis so you can identify a context of sorts.

Context: The possible reason Qamar makes artwork like this is cause she’s a pakistani brought up in canada so to be able to show her personal upbringing as a brown person and how so many of us face similar things.

Subject: using the “desi” elements itself makes the point as well as the use of certain urdu words. The point being made here is just showing the existence of these brown elements in our daily lives in the western world.

The reason I refer to her work is because its a very perfect blend of the 2 identities she has and I want to be able to channel that into my writing.