Project Proposal (Possible Futures)

The focus of my project is to make people aware of the intricacies of brown culture that exist in the western world. This project is intended for second or third generation Indians but would be appreciated by any globally aware citizen around the age group of 18-25.
Over the past term I have realised that I can work better at something if it is personally relevant to me in any manner. Being Indian is something I have never acknowledged right until I moved to London where it became a huge part of my identity as it should be.

The theme I will be exploring is “Lost In Translation” where I will be seeing the history behind English being used so commonly by influencers in India and how it was deemed the “colonised language”. I will also be exploring the mainstream media in India as well as Maria Qamar and Ketna Patel, both of which are Indian Artists in western countries who use pop art to exhibit their culture and create a fusion of sorts. There are several literature pieces about similar ideas and I do intend on using them too. I will also be looking into jewellery, make up and fashion of Indians around the world and how relevant it is to their cultural context in some manner and how the global media portrays them while also adapting to the world around them. Photography and Film would be the best way to document my concepts but I will be recording them on my blog as well to pen down my ideas and see what works and what didn’t but primarily to record this journey. Language, Accessories and Photography are my key points.