Repurpose Animation Step 2: Black Out Poetry, The idea and Storyboarding.

Black out poetry has always interested me, I found that it was a great technique to remove writer’s block as well as make something out of plain boring texts.

When the repurpose project came along I had no idea and was facing a creative block and thats when after paula’s guidance I decided to look into something that I liked.

I decided that I wanted an unconventional sense of repurposing, a more metaphorical one. Therefore I decided to work with black out poems.

After a lot of thinking I narrowed down to creating poems on old texts, which in itself is a form of repurposing, but then taking it to another level by actually having those texts come out of the page to say something else. I decided to write the word poetry with it and so came the final sentence of the film: “If you look closely, poetry is everywhere.” I decided to use final cut pro and after effects to execute this animation.