Repurpose Animation 1: Learning After Effects


Repurpose is the act of reusing something. Finding purpose out of something thats already been made purpose of.
In my opinion, finding art things that you wouldnt nomally expect is a form of repurposing.
There are several different kinds of art. One that i’m particularly interested in is poetry.
While trying to find out how to make poetry out of different waste materials I remembered an old technique I used in one of my early poetry experimentations was Black Out Poetry.
Black Out Poetry is finding poetry in old random texts like newspapers or books etc. Its finding art within different art.
For my film I decided to MAKE black out poetry and then using after Effects have it animated to create a bigger word out of the words of the previous poems.

We had an after effects workshop so I was aware of how to use it but I needed more practice.

For this, I did need to learn how to actually be able to move the texts around so before I got on with it I decided to be able to try and play around with texts.


Prior to this, I had actually attended a workshop by Chris which helped me learn how to animate still imagery and thats what intrigued me towards after effects.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image