Struggles with finding your way. (Postcode Project)

When I first started my postcode project I wasn’t sure of which aspect of my postcode I wanted to look at. Within N1 I chose Angel.

Angel is an area that has been through a lot of gentrification but yet retails its original London atmosphere and historic structures. The primary research aspect however was not that difficult; because of how pretty the area was I wasn’t falling short of pictures at all! However, what was difficult was the secondary research aspect. I had these pictures but I did not know what I wanted to do with them. During our inductions, I had stumbled upon something extremely interesting in the Stanley Kubrick Archive: it was a collage of multiple pictures to create a panoramic view. I also looked at David Hockney’s work. I was considering doing a collage and so I began working as per these references. When I got my pictures printed and started sticking them together I was stuck. I realised that I would not be able to do it the way they did. I was going to have to add my own style to it. And so I changed the way I researched and photographed the area. After 2 attempts of collaging, I knew exactly what pictures I needed when I went back. As a result of which my work became faster and exhibited my ideas more clearly. I was hell bent on trying to do it a certain way that I missed out on discovering my own style within it.