We recently got a brief for a unit called Toolbox.

Toolbox required us to attend multiple inductions and try out various things.

The things I was inducted included:

  • letterpress
  • photography
  • premiere
  • after effects
  • photoshop
  • screenprinting

I was also introduced to the Stanley Kubrick Special Archive which was possibly my most favorite induction.

What I loved about this unit was that it really let me explore mediums that I have never though tof before- it gave me information to areas that I didnt even know existed! Specifically, the screensprinting induction. I did not know anything about screenprinting prior to that day, but at the end we managed to make a couple of really pretty prints. Letterpress is a more technical area, you have to have a very ready accurate plan before you enter. What all of these inductions have in common however, is that it shows you that you can not give up, you may not get it right the first time around, but you keep going till its perfect.
There are areas of video editing that I was extremely terrified to use however, the after effects induction really helped lighten my fear.

Overall, the inductions were incredibly fun and so useful and Im sure that I will use a lot of this for my later projects.